Currently based out of Chicago, Ben Hussey is a software engineering consultant who specializes in web application development and backend programming. His specialties include Javascript library integrations (Dojo, YUI), PHP, C#.net, WordPress Themes, and Database design. His experience ranges from small devices running embedded LAMP stacks to some of the largest websites on the internet today.

Ben began programming on an 8086, with 2 floppy drives, he found at a local thrift store. From his early years learning GW Basic to the present, Ben has always accelerated at learning new technologies and skills. His formal education includes an undergraduate degree in mathematics, with specializations in computer science and statistics.

When not exploring the realm of technology, Ben can often be found riding his Bike around Chicago, gardening at a local community garden, attending continuing eduction classes, or volunteering at local non-profits.

Ben is currently accepting new clients.